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Hello, I am Viviane, a photography lover and mother of 3 beautiful boys João, Carlos and Arthur!


My children have always been my inspiration to reinvent myself and continue to pursue my dreams,

I am a graduated nurse and I worked for 8 years caring for people with a lot of love and dedication, after saving many lives physically, I decided to eternalize moments, freezing scenes and inheritances with my camera, dedicating myself to what I love most, photographing and thus saving lives, transforming them into unforgettable memories.


The fact that I did not have pictures of my childhood always motivated me to register many photographs of my children and everyone I know, little by little comments emerged that my photos were unique and this motivated me to study, improve and choose the children's area and family's.

For the people I photograph, I try to let it flow naturally so that the moment is remembered with great affection and so that they have the best memories, and so that they feel very comfortable to give me the pleasure of recording the moments they live ahead!

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Jacksonville - FL


Tel: 407 448-0869

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